Your organization can profit 50% or more with Libré's fundraising program! Our program is an innovative way to raise funds anytime of the year. We provide a print-ready brochure, tally sheet & order form completely free to make it easy to get your fundraiser up and running. The brochure is full of information about our products, and the tally sheet makes it easy to keep track of orders. Fill out the no obligation form to let us know you are doing a fundraiser. You are not obligated in any way, and nobody will contact you without your permission.






What we offer

We offer three categories in our fundraising program. Our signature glass tumbler jars, our tin "candles, & our Aromatherapy candles. All have cotton wicks, natural non toxic wax and burn cleanly with no soot. These candles are available in our most popular aromas, with maximum scent throw from top to bottom!

Fundraiser Pricing & Info


12 oz. Tumbler Jar Candles

Tumbler jar cost is $11.00 each

Suggested sell price is $16.00 each

Minimum profit $5.00 each 

​8 oz. Tin "Candles  

Tins cost are $10.00 each

Suggested sell is $15.00 each

Minimum profit is $5.00 each

8 oz. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy cost $10.00 each

Suggested sell is $15.00

Minimum profit is $5.00 each

5 oz. Room Sprays

Spray costs are $6.00 per pack

Suggested sell is $11.00

Minimum profit is $5.00 

Wax Melts

Melt costs are $6.00 per pack

Suggested sell is $11.00

Minimum profit is $5.00

The prices listed above do not include the flat rate $30 delivery fee, unless you are able to pick up in Northern NJ.

This program is only available within the U.S